Turku X-Fashion Series: Luxury, Modern Flooring

The Turku X-fashion series is made in Belgium and imported original. The series uses fashionable and grandiose wide board to create a magnificent “fashion kingdom” for customers worldwide, going far beyond traditional wide flooring. It makes the room more luxurious.

Explore the luxury, modern flooring series below.

Turku X-Fashion Modern Flooring FAQ

What benefits does the Turku X-Fashion luxury flooring series offer?

The Turku X-Fashion series features grandiose wide boards that create a magnificent, luxurious look for any space. The length can exceed 2000mm, and the width can exceed 240mm. 

Premium materials and an enhanced wear layer ensure long-lasting performance, offering a beautiful but durable solution for living rooms, villas, and commercial spaces.

Where can Turku X-fashion flooring be used?

The wide and long boards create a seamless, expansive look, ideal for creating sophisticated and stylish interiors. Turku X-fashion flooring is versatile and works perfectly in living rooms, villas, and various commercial spaces. Its design creates a grand and luxurious flooring appearance, suitable for high-end residential and commercial interiors.

How do I maintain Turku X-fashion flooring?

Maintaining modern flooring like the Turku X-Fashion series involves regular cleaning, avoiding excessive moisture, and using appropriate cleaning products recommended for vinyl flooring materials.

How does Turku X-fashion flooring compare to traditional laminate flooring?

Typically, laminate flooring has a width of 160mm. On the other hand, Turku X-fashion flooring offers boards that can exceed 2000mm in length and 240mm in width, providing a more luxurious and fashionable appearance than traditional wide flooring. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to create a modern, upscale look in their spaces.

Are there different patterns available in the Turku X-fashion series?

The Turku X-Fashion series includes a selection of colours and patterns, empowering you to create a luxurious space with flooring that blends in seamlessly or stands out beautifully.

Installation Process

1. Preparation

We gather tools and materials, then let the flooring acclimate to the room’s humidity and temperature for at least 48 hours.

2. Subfloor Preparation

We sweep and vacuum the subfloor and test moisture levels, ensuring the subfloor is clean, dry, and level.

3. Underlayment Installation

Next, we roll out the underlayment over the subfloor, ensuring it is smooth and without wrinkles, trimming the edges to fit the room.

4. Layout Planning

We measure the room, choose the direction of the floor, and plan the layout to create a balanced appearance, staggering plans for a more natural look.

5. Installation

We install planks from the room’s corner, working our way out and placing spacers between the planks and wall for expansion. We cut the plans where necessary to work around obstacles.

6. Final Touches

We finish the process with an inspection, ensuring the flooring is free of gaps, loose planks, and imperfections. We recommend allowing the floor to settle for a few days before placing heavy furniture.